Stephen A. Smith Gives “Props” To Israel Adesanya For Vanessa Hudgens Thirst

Stephen A. Smith Gives “Props” To Israel Adesanya For Vanessa Hudgens Thirst

Stephen A. Smith Gives “Props” To Israel Adesanya For Vanessa Hudgens Thirst. Vanessa Hudgens has had a very notable career. After gaining mainstream success in High School Musical, Hudgens quickly went beyond the DCOM label. She’s done romance, action, true crime. She was even a pony in My Little Pony. Regardless, Hudgens is a very talented, very versatile actress. Coming up this weird, she has a documentary about witchcraft in Salem as well as an adaptation of the novel Downtown Owl. Furthermore, she is currently filming a travel documentary, a film called French Girl, and a reprisal of her role in the Bad Boys franchise for the upcoming fourth film.

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Hudgens is also very much a snacc, just an undeniably attractive human being. She is reportedly engaged to Colorado Rockies shortstop Cole Tucker. She previously dated Austin Butler (Dune, Elvis) for eight years. Regardless, on July 11, Daily Loud posted a poolside picture of Hudgens in a pink bikini. Twitter went wild over it. However, the picture really started to circulate when UFC champion Israel Adesanya quote-tweeted the photo with the addition “We all in this together” followed by a prayer hands emoji. Enter Stephen A. Smith.

Stephen A. Shares Vanessa Hudgens Thirst

Smith addressed Adesanya’s tweet on the most recent episode of The Stephen A. Smith Show. “Israel Adesayna, props to him for the greatest tweet of the day,” Smith began. So Vanessa Hudgens, you know – actress – you know, does good work. I’m a fan of her work. Some people are just a fan of hers. And when you see this photo of her, those of you who are a fan of hers and not just her work, it makes perfect sense, as you can see in that photo. But forget the photo. It’s the tweet that accentuated it in a beautiful way. Israel Adesayna, the defending middleweight champion of the world in the UFC, simply retweeted it and said, quote “We all in this together.” That was a beautiful quote. I got to give it to. That was a beautiful one. That really, really was.”

First of all, HotNewHipHop has reached out to Smith because “I’m a fan of her work” is not something that can be left without a follow-up. However, let’s be real for a second. In a world that this reporter has referred to as a “puritanical hellscape” on multiple occasions in recent days, it’s great to see people being respectfully horny on main. None of this weird purity discourse or complete ignorance about the sex industry works. Just people being proud to thirst online. Nature is truly healing.


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