Sukihana vs. Mariahlynn: War of Words Escalates Ahead of “Baddies” Reunion

Explosive Confrontation at 'Baddies' Reunion

Sukihana vs. Mariahlynn: War of Words Escalates Ahead of “Baddies” Reunion. Sukihana recently took to Instagram Live to make it crystal clear that she’s ready to throw down with Mariahlynn at the upcoming reunion. The fiery rapper didn’t hold back, making bold statements about her intentions to physically confront Mariahlynn when they cross paths. “I don’t know who hyped you up, to make you think you could f**k with me,” Sukihana declared, addressing Mariahlynn directly in the heated Instagram Live video. “I’m gonna f**k you up. When I see you, I’ma trash you,” she continued.

The beef seems to stem from more than just a clash of personalities. Sukihana called out Mariahlynn for not acknowledging the assistance she and Sapphire allegedly provided in retrieving Mariahlynn’s chain and shielding her from potential bullying by another Baddies East cast member, Smiley. Sukihana didn’t mince words when expressing her frustration, stating, “You’re using everybody in the house to fight your battles.” The explosive statement sheds light on the dynamics within the reality show and hints at a complex web of alliances and conflicts behind the scenes. “I’m sorry, maybe I missed something…: but did Mariah ask for her help?,” one fan commented on the situation.

Sukihana Says She’s Beating Up Mariahlynn

The tension between Sukihana and Mariahlynn adds an extra layer of drama to an already intense reunion episode. Fans of the reality series are undoubtedly eager to witness the showdown between the two outspoken personalities, as their feud is now a focal point of the upcoming reunion. This latest development in the ongoing saga between Sukihana and Mariahlynn underscores the volatile nature of reality television, where personal conflicts often spill into the public eye.

Whether this feud will result in a resolution or further escalate the drama remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – the reunion is shaping up to be a must-watch event for fans eager to witness the explosive clashes and unfiltered emotions that are the hallmark of reality television. “Nobody told Suki to get up in their business,” another fan commented. “And secondly Suki just be talking she not really doing nothing. Exactly why Sapphire stood up to take that shot I heard she pump fake about being from the hood. Oh now you want to fight the little one after all the s**t you talked.” Let us know your thoughts on 360Hausa!


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