Tiwa Savage Opens Up About Vision Problems, Embraces Glasses (2024)

Tiwa Savage Opens Up About Vision Problems, Embraces Glasses (2024).

Nigerian famous female Afrobeat artist, Tiwa Savage, has shared a personal update regarding her health struggles, specifically concerning her eyesight, on her Instagram page.

In a video posted on her story on Thursday, February 15, 2024, the singer revealed  her challenges with poor vision, revealing that she has been experiencing difficulties over the past two to three years.

She lamented that reading has become increasingly challenging as her vision tends to blur, especially in recent times. She disclosed resorting to taking screenshots of messages and enlarging them using her camera to facilitate reading.

Seeking professional assistance, she visited an optician in London, who diagnosed her with issues primarily affecting her short-range vision, while her long-range vision was deemed somewhat satisfactory.

Tiwa Savage stated that to address her discomfort, she settled for a prescribed pair of glasses, though she humorously questioned whether she still exudes charm while wearing them. In her own words, she expressed her frustration with the deterioration of her eyesight, recounting instances where she struggled to read menus in restaurants.

Interesting, Tiwa Savage’s openness about her health struggle serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing and managing personal well-being, even amidst a bustling career.



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