Toyota Recall? Engine Testing Discrepancies Halt Shipments of 10 Models

Toyota Recall? Engine Testing Discrepancies Halt Shipments of 10 Models.

Toyota announced on Monday that it is halting shipments of 10 models, including the Land Cruiser 300 and Hiace, due to testing irregularities in engines provided by its affiliate, Toyota Industries. The company revealed that three diesel engine models were not correctly tested for horsepower output during the certification process.

Toyota Industries admitted that its employees had adjusted fuel injection amounts to artificially enhance the test data. Despite this, Toyota Motor has confirmed that the affected engines and vehicles do comply with engine performance output standards, indicating there is no need to discontinue using the impacted engines or vehicles.

Additionally, Toyota Industries disclosed that other irregularities were discovered in the certification process for engines used in forklifts and other construction equipment.

This setback follows a recent incident at Toyota’s subsidiary Daihatsu. Last month, Daihatsu had to suspend all shipments after it was found that the company had not properly conducted vehicle safety tests for decades.



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