UK Designates India as Safe Country for Asylum Seekers in New Policy Shift

UK Designates India as Safe Country for Asylum Seekers in New Policy Shift. London: The United Kingdom (UK) has acknowledged that India is a secure country for living, signaling its intention to include India in its list of safe countries.

The UK Home Office made this announcement on November 8, 2023, aiming to streamline settlement processes abroad and enhance border control to deter illegal immigration.

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Impact on Indian Fugitives:

This decision limits the rights of illegal immigrants seeking refuge in the UK from India. It accelerates the repatriation process for Indians who clandestinely fled to the UK, eliminating their chances of seeking asylum.

Increased Illegal Immigration:

The UK Home Office noted a substantial rise in illegal immigrants from India and Georgia last year, prompting a reconsideration of its approach toward asylum seekers from these nations.

Inclusion in Draft Law:

India and Georgia are proposed additions to the list of safe countries in the draft law presented in the House of Commons.

Current Safe Countries:

Until now, countries deemed safe by the UK included Albania and Switzerland, along with those associated with the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA).

Statement by Home Secretary Suella Braverman:

UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman emphasized the need to prevent people from safe countries undertaking perilous and unlawful journeys to Britain. She stated that expanding the list would expedite the removal of those without the right to stay.

India’s Inclusion Significance:

India’s inclusion in the UK’s list of safe states signifies the UK government’s view that India is generally safe, stable, and upholds human rights. This implies a rejection of asylum requests from Indian citizens, reducing the chances of illegal asylum-seeking.

Proposal and Parliamentary Process:

The proposal to include India and Georgia in the UK’s safe states list will undergo debates in both houses of Parliament before implementation. The UK government is introducing this change under the Illegal Migration Act 2023 to deter illegal immigrants by facilitating swift detention and deportation to a safe third country or their home country.

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