Unlock Future Leaders: Real Estate Firm’s Empower MD Initiative

Unlock Future Leaders: Real Estate Firm’s Empower MD Initiative.

Design Protocol, a real estate development company in Lagos has announced Chidinma Angel Ogba as the winner of the company’s managing director for a single day novel initiative programme aimed at providing leadership skills, and creativity for young talented children to thrive in the corporate and managerial sector.
This year’s initiative tagged Empower MD 2.0, was designed by the company’s value for global talent and creativity to prepare and empower young children with leadership skills and talent development.

The previous year, the Empower MD 1.0 Novel initiative produced Chimamanda Isiakpona as the company’s managing director (MD) for that day.

According to the company, the Empower MD 2.0 novel initiative is part of the company’s drive to nurture the minds of young creatives and prepare young talents for leadership skills.

The Winner of this year’s Empower MD 2.0 Chidinma Angel Ogba was given the rare opportunity of addressing a gathering of budding investors, realtors and home buyers where she was allowed to reel out the company’s mission statement on future project, building specifications and functionality of its various facilities.
She also addressed issues on global warming, renewable energy, climate change and how it affects the young and coming generations while urging companies, organised private sector and players in the Manufacturing sector to synergise together for cleaner production and renewable energy sources.

Speaking on the sideline of the Empower MD 2.0 Initiative, managing director of Design Protocol, Architect Bayo Adalemo opined that the whole idea is about mentorship, career growth, talent development while reiterating the need to expose them to leadership and mentorship programmes that will stimulate them to take up future roles in public and corporate sectors.

He said, they need to understand possibilities and even responsibilities they will be facing in future and the roles attached to it while urging parents to train their kids to be responsible and take up roles that will contribute to the national development of the country.
Adalemo explained that as a real estate company they are committed to environmental sustainability practices by ensuring that global warming, climate change and renewable energy sources do not affect the young and coming generation.

He added that, ‘we need a more eco-friendly environment that will not potentially affect kids while stressing the need for environmental education on waste recycling.’

Adalemo concluded that the little MD for that day had shown some talent in oratory and negotiating skills and had done a lot of them. “She has a variety of skills which are practically unusual for someone at her age. We want to get her well grounded in as many areas as possible so that she, on her own, will decide what she wants to do in future,” he added.

Speaking further on the company’s contribution to the housing sector, he said: “We do real estate on a commercial basis; as much as possible we want to fill the gap that exists in the housing sector which is estimated at 22 million units. In our own little way, we are trying to see what we can do to be of help in that respect. We deliver quality houses, project delivery and facility maintenance operations around our business operating areas.”
He assured prospective property buyers and commercial rentals of great business satisfaction, adding that, since the last 20 years, they had used the experience gained in that period in designing the quality of the spaces and the choice of the materials for the building.



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