Uttar Pradesh Bans Halal-Certified Products: A Sign of Growing Hindu Nationalism in India?

Uttar Pradesh Bans Halal-Certified Products: A Sign of Growing Hindu Nationalism in India? Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh has issued a 15-day ultimatum to retailers and superstore chains to remove ‘halal-certified’ foods, excluding meat and items for export.

The move also instructs 92 manufacturers in the state, previously halal-certified by non-accredited organizations, to recall products and undergo rebranding or repackaging.

Anita Singh, Commissioner of Food Safety and Drug Administration, reported 92 raids and 500 inspections since the halal ban enforcement on November 18, resulting in the seizure of around 3,000kg of halal-certified products valued at Rs 7-8 lakh.

Singh clarified that only three organizations in India, including one in Lucknow, are registered with the National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB) under I-CAS, authorized to provide halal certification for meat and meat products intended for export. The 700-800 organizations issuing halal certification across India are prohibited until they register with NABCB.

Despite requests for a month’s grace period from the Retailers Association of India and major chains like Spencer, the government has granted a 15-day timeframe for the removal of halal-certified products. The Department of Food Safety has seized various halal-certified items, including sugar, oil, bakery items, sauces, and rice from states like Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, as well as Gurgaon.

Over the next two weeks, the department will conduct inspections to ensure compliance with the new directive but will refrain from taking any penal action during this period. The status of imported halal-certified goods remains unclear, with officials suggesting they are unlikely to fall under the current ban’s purview.

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