Why Is Machine Gun Kelly Beefing With Jack Harlow?

Why Is Machine Gun Kelly Beefing With Jack Harlow?

Why Is Machine Gun Kelly Beefing With Jack Harlow? Machine Gun Kelly and Jack Harlow are currently involved in beef after Harlow proclaimed he was the “hardest white boy” since Eminem on the song “They Don’t Love It” from his new album Jackman. Machine Gun Kelly responded to this lyric in a diss track titled “Renegade Freestyle.” The freestyle features the same instrumental from Jay-Z’s song “Renegade,” which famously includes one of the best Eminem features ever. While it is still uncertain if Harlow will respond to MGK, the one-sided beef is in full swing between these two. Here’s a look at the events preceding the feud and the reasons behind this particular beef.

MGK’s Beef With Eminem

While Jack Harlow’s recent album sparked the current beef, its issues date back to 2018 when MGK engaged in a feud with Eminem. Problems between the two began in 2012 when MGK tweeted that Eminem’s daughter Hailie was “hot as f*ck.” Eminem rapped about this in his song “Not Alike,” in which he called MGK a “Lil’ non-threatenin’ blond fairy cornball.” After this, Machine Gun Kelly responded with a diss track titled “Rap Devil.”

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At the time, many fans were impressed with “Rap Devil” and believed MGK may have possibly gotten one up on Eminem. However, Em responded with his own diss track, “Killshot,” which left fans divided. While public opinion favors Eminem as the winner of this beef, some rappers publicly stated that MGK won. Both The Game and Young Thug publicly stated that they felt Machine Gun Kelly was the winner. While the true winner is still up for debate, it is tough for anyone even to go track-for-track with Eminem. Because of this, MGK probably believed he proved himself to be the “hardest white boy” since Eminem, and with good reason.

MGK’s Transition to Pop Rock

Despite being entrenched in a rap beef only a year prior, Machine Gun Kelly made a stark transition into the pop-rock genre following his beef with Eminem. While MGK still rapped on his 2019 project Hotel Diablo, the album featured many pop-rock elements he would eventually transition towards. Despite the popular success of MGK’s beef with Eminem, his career as a rapper was steadily declining at the time. While his debut album Lace Up was certified gold, his next two albums failed to sell over 100,000 copies.

However, Kelly greatly succeeded in the pop-rock genre and revitalized his career. His first real album under the genre, Tickets to My Downfall, was certified Platinum and debuted atop the US Billboard 200. In addition to this, MGK also began dating actress Megan Fox in May of 2020, which only furthered his prominence in the mainstream. Since 2020, MGK has fully embraced the pop-rock sound, and it seemed that he had all but left his rap career behind. This shift in genres made his response to Jack Harlow even more shocking, as many fans do not even currently classify Kelly as a rapper. However, MGK felt he had to rap once again to retake his place as the best white rapper since Eminem.

Jack Harlow’s “They Don’t Love It”

Jack Harlow made his name in the Hip-Hop world through radio-friendly hit songs that were both commercially successful and also pushed the rapper away from many Hip-Hop fans. However, Harlow sought to prove himself to the rap world on his most recent album as he delivered more honest, thought-provoking content over classic sample-based instrumentals. While Harlow proved himself to many on Jackman, it is also easy to understand why many people would take offense to his declaration of being the “hardest white boy” since Eminem. This line sparked much debate online, as fans noted white rappers such as Mac Miller, Lil Peep, Action Bronson, and others had achieved much more than Harlow in the Hip-Hop universe.

However, Machine Gun Kelly appears to be the one who took the most offense to this line, which is surprising considering his decision to abandon Hip-Hop to make rock music. Kelly’s involvement in this beef with Jack Harlow seems to stem from his beef with Eminem, as MGK obviously feels he proved himself because of their feud. Kelly also showed his willingness to rap again recently, as he released a cypher with Cordae titled “Doja Freestyle.”

“Renegade Freestyle” & Possible Future

Kelly responded to Jack Harlow with the aforementioned track “Renegade Freestyle.” On the song, Kelly rapped, “I see why they call you Jackman, you jacked man’s whole swag.” This line is about similarities between Jack Harlow and Drake, as MGK also declared that Harlow stole Drake’s flow. While “Renegade Freestyle” has made headlines, Harlow has yet to respond, and as of right now, this feels like a one-sided beef. Harlow may have no interest in entertaining MGK, as the latter has all but taken himself out of the Hip-Hop world recently. However, only time will tell what happens next. Harlow may feel obliged to respond, or he might take MGK’s track as a publicity stunt. Shots have been fired regardless of what happens next, and anything is possible.


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