Woman Claims To Be R. Kelly & Aaliyah’s Biological Daughter

Woman Claims To Be R. Kelly & Aaliyah’s Biological Daughter

Woman Claims To Be R. Kelly & Aaliyah’s Biological Daughter. Many people are already dismissing these claims after she posted a video expressing that she wants to share her story.

A woman recently claimed to be R. Kelly and Aaliyah’s biological daughter via a TikTok video. “Okay, y’all, my name is Love,” she expressed. “My given name. I am the biological daughter of Aaliyah Haughton and Robert Kelly, R. Kelly. I just want to tell my truth and tell my mother’s truth because I feel like it’s time and it’s needed. I feel like I went through so many things as far as keeping this identity and deliberating with different family members. You know the energy, you guys know how it can get. I just want the world to know the best part of me. I am also accepting of my mother Aaliyah Haughton. I’ve been shook around…”

Following these claims, Love received a lot of backlash and claims of lying in the comments. Moreover, many people filled No Jumper‘s report post with their own takes on this claim. For example, a lot of commenters posted a slew of laughing emojis in reference to her story. “She don’t look nothing like them,” one commenter wrote, with another adding “Why her eyes look at each other. She know she lying.” Also, some pointed out the apparent drawings of presumably Aaliyah that she hung in the wall behind her. “We not really entertaining this are we,” a user remarked. “This like knowing somebody is throwed off and actually follow them.”

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Still, some came to Love’s defense, expressing empathy and lack of proper knowledge to comment on the situation. “That is not nice who knows if this is true or not,” a concerned user wrote. “S**t a lot has been going on and we don’t know don’t look at her and automatically because of how she looks people’s quick to judge that is not nice let’s give her a chance.” In fact, one user even responded to VladTV‘s laughing emojis.

“That could be yo daughter too,” they posted. “I don’t know why u laughing i heard u gotta black women pregnant that look just like her and the mutha send her to yo house grown up and now you send her to lie in a video that she’s r kelly daughter oh well.” Regardless of what you believe, let us know in the comments and log back into 360Hausa for more curious music stories.

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