World Happiness Report 2024: Unveiling the 9 Least Happy Countries

The World Happiness Report, published annually by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, is a powerful tool for understanding global wellbeing and national satisfaction.

This prestigious report utilizes a sophisticated data-driven approach to rank countries based on six key factors crucial for human flourishing:

  • Social support: Strong social networks and a sense of belonging are essential for happiness.
  • Healthy life expectancy: Good health allows people to live life to the fullest.
  • Freedom to make life choices: Autonomy and control over one’s life contribute significantly to happiness.
  • Generosity: A sense of community and helping others fosters positive emotions.
  • Low corruption: Trust in institutions and a fair society are vital for wellbeing.
  • Income: Financial security allows people to meet their basic needs and pursue their goals.

Countries that score poorly on these metrics often grapple with significant challenges that hinder their citizens’ happiness.

The 9 Least Happy Countries in the World (2024)

1. Afghanistan: A Nation in Turmoil

Afghanistan, tragically, holds the lowest position in the 2024 World Happiness Report. Decades of war and the current Taliban regime have devastated the country. Afghans face a multitude of hardships, including:

  • Low life expectancy: Decades of conflict have significantly reduced life expectancy in Afghanistan.
  • Widespread poverty: Economic opportunities are scarce, leaving many Afghans struggling to meet their basic needs.
  • Food insecurity: Hunger is a constant threat for many Afghans due to ongoing conflict and drought.
  • Unemployment: The war-torn economy offers few job opportunities, further deepening poverty.
  • Lack of freedom: The Taliban regime restricts basic freedoms, creating a climate of fear and oppression.

2. Lebanon: A Country in Crisis

Lebanon, once a vibrant nation, now ranks as the second-least happy country. Years of social-political turmoil and economic instability have taken a heavy toll on its citizens. Key factors contributing to Lebanon’s unhappiness include:

  • Economic collapse: Hyperinflation and currency devaluation have severely eroded purchasing power.
  • Political instability: Ongoing political gridlock hampers economic recovery and social progress.
  • Social unrest: Protests and violence erupt due to frustration with the government’s performance.
  • Limited access to essential services: Many Lebanese struggle to access healthcare, education, and other basic necessities.

3. Sierra Leone: Battling Poverty and Political Instability

Sierra Leone, located in West Africa, holds the unfortunate distinction of being the unhappiest country on the continent and the third unhappiest globally. The nation grapples with:

  • Dire economic situation: Widespread poverty and lack of economic opportunities plague Sierra Leone.
  • Political instability: A history of coups and corruption creates a challenging environment for development.
  • Social unrest: Civil unrest often erupts due to frustration with the government and economic hardship.
  • Limited access to basic needs: Many Sierra Leoneans struggle to obtain proper healthcare, education, and sanitation.

4. Zimbabwe: A Nation of Unfulfilled Potential

5. Democratic Republic of the Congo: A Country Ravaged by Conflict

6. Botswana: A Nation Facing Social and Political Challenges

7. Malawi: A Nation Battling Hunger and Poverty

8. Comoros: A Nation of Political Instability

9. Tanzania: A Nation Facing Economic, Social, and Political Struggles

Nigeria’s Ranking

The information regarding Nigeria’s ranking in the World Happiness Report 2024 is not provided in the original text. You can find this information by searching the web for “World Happiness Report 2024 Nigeria” or visiting the official World Happiness Report website ( once the report is released on March 20, 2024.


The World Happiness Report offers valuable insights into the global landscape of wellbeing. By understanding the factors that contribute to national happiness, nations can strive to create a more positive and fulfilling environment for their citizens.

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