Yo Gotti Drops $1.2 Million On 2 Rolls Royces For His Birthday

Yo Gotti Drops $1.2 Million On 2 Rolls Royces For His Birthday

Yo Gotti Drops $1.2 Million On 2 Rolls Royces For His Birthday.

It’s Yo Gotti’s birthday, so you know what that means: time to do it big. When it comes to celebrating milestones, personal or professional, Yo Gotti doesn’t skimp on the luxury. Whether he’s giving his friends or artists stacks of cash, buying them luxury vehicles, or adorning them with jewelry worth an entire neighborhood, Gotti seems to love an excuse to splurge, but this time, it’s all about gifting himself.

The rapper turned 41 today and to ring in what is expected to be an envious celebration, Gotti reportedly dropped $1.2 million on two Rolls Royce cars.

According to a release, Gotti has pledged to spend at least one million dollars on himself every year—and he made good on that promise back in 2021. Last year, he purchased two Richard Mille watches that came out to a value of approximately $1.1 million. In 2020, Gotti snagged himself a turquoise Rolls Royce truck ($480,000), a turquoise Ferrari F8 ($400,000), a turquoise Lamborghini ($290,000), and a matching turquoise Richard Mille watch at $180,000.

Aside from the lavish buys, Yo Gotti is also gearing up for the 8th annual Birthday Bash in Memphis on July 15. As usual, Gotti will be wrangling in some of Hip Hop and Rap’s most notable stars, so we will keep you up to date with that as it progresses. In the meantime, check out his birthday gifts below.

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