Adin Ross Interviews Kim Jong Un Lookalike

Adin Ross Interviews Kim Jong Un Lookalike

Adin Ross Interviews Kim Jong Un Lookalike. And just like that, Adin Ross‘ latest saga is over. After promising his audience that he would be interviewing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Ross…didn’t do that. Instead, the controversial streamer went live with a fairly unconvincing impersonator who didn’t look all that much like Kim Jong Un.

Somehow, Ross even convinced his idol, Andrew Tate, to call into the stream with the fake Kim Jong Un. Overall, it was just a very bizarre and surreal experience. Online, people roasted Ross and his audience for the stream. Special attention was leveled at the people who genuinely believed that Ross had secured an interview with the real Kim Jong Un.

The entire saga was born of a joke made earlier this week. Ed Craven, the CEO of Stake, had joked that he was going to send Ross to North Korea to recover $41 million that alleged North Korean hackers stole from the gambling platform. This quickly mutated into Ross claiming that he was going to interview the North Korean leader. In another stream, Ross showed off his proposed ideas for the interview. The brilliant mind of Ross planned to ask hard-hitting questions such as “Thoughts on LBGT?” and “Fake nutsack prank”. According to an Adin Ross fan account, Ross’ viewership absolutely cratered after he revealed that his guest was an impersonator and not the real Kim Jong Un.

Kai Cenat Roasts Adin Ross

However, the decision to stream with a lookalike is a perfect example of how Ross’ grand ideas often falter with subpar execution. This mentality was perfectly encapsulated on a recent Kai Cenat stream when Cenat executed a pitch-perfect impression of Ross.

Cenat began by attempting to suck his own toes before quickly forgetting the idea. He then replicated Ross’ frenetic style. “Okay chat, okay okay. A basketball warehouse with the Kick logo. And it’s all black and green because Kick. And it’s all black and green. It’s all black and green. It’s a basketball warehouse and then Obama rolls up. Thoughts? Thoughts, chat? Thoughts?” Cenat said, punctuating the final sentence with loud, obnoxious claps.



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