Streamer Adin Ross Threatens Kick Boycotters with Violence

Streamer Adin Ross Threatens Kick Boycotters with Violence

Streamer Adin Ross Threatens Kick Boycotters with Violence. Adin Ross invoked a horrific part of American history while discussing the unfolding situation at Kick. Ross was discussing streamers threatening to boycott Kick over the ongoing Ice Posideon drama.

“Did anyone see these pussies that stream on Kick that were like ‘Yeah, we’re not gonna stream on here unless you suspend Ice Poseidon, this is like bullshit’. Like, shut the fuck up! “It makes me mad because Ice is someone who’s kinda like super authentic and real. He’ll never do some fucked shit behind closed doors. If he does some fucked shit it’s gonna be on camera and his community fucks them for that. “It’s like dawg all these crooked ass, pussy ass, leftist, cancel culture, bullshit pussies are the ones doing this fucked shit behind closed doors. You guys are gonna be hung on trees. I said it, bro.”

Ross’ comments invoke the notion of lynching. Furthermore, they fly in the face of the exact behavior that Kick is attempting to crack down on. After the backlash to Ice Posideon paying a man $500 to hire an escort on stream, Kick came out and promised tighter moderation in the future. Kick marketed itself on bigger cuts for streamers and looser moderation compared to Twitch. However, the site has had to learn the hard way that moderation exists for a reason.

Adin Ross Wants To Interview Donald Trump

Ross is unlikely to be punished for his comments. Kick has shown no willingness to punish him or Ice Posideon in any way. Meanwhile, Ross has expressed a desire to interview Donald Trump on stream. Unsurprisingly, Ross is a major Trump supporter and has long backed the former President. His desire to interview Trump was only emboldened after last week. Ross briefly broke Kick’s viewing record during his interview with a Kim Jong Un impersonator last week.

After promising his audience that he would be interviewing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Ross…didn’t do that. Instead, the controversial streamer went live with a fairly unconvincing impersonator who didn’t look all that much like Kim Jong Un. Somehow, Ross even convinced his idol, Andrew Tate, to call into the stream with the fake Kim Jong Un. Overall, it was just a very bizarre and surreal experience. Furthermore, people roasted Ross and his audience for the stream. Special attention was leveled at the people who genuinely believed that Ross had secured an interview with the real Kim Jong Un.



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