BUILD YOUR CAREER: Common Mistakes Upcoming Independent Artistes Make By Rapking

BUILD YOUR MUSIC CAREER: Common Mistakes Upcoming Independent Artistes Make By Rapking
BUILD YOUR CAREER: Common Mistakes Upcoming Independent Artistes Make By Rapking

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As an Upcoming artist (Rapking) Beat Chest To talk about Their own Mistakes and How to Overcome it. 360Hausa Blog is always trying to help artists on how to build their careers.

Our Upcoming artists are Making The following mistakes:

  First mistake upcoming artistes make is They look for managers and record labels. You get things easy when they (managers/record label) look for you because It requires good relationship, understanding and trust which in most cases are difficult to find when you goto them.

    Secondly, Lack of Investment. Alot of upcoming artistes find it difficult to invest in themselves. No record label will just come and invest on you when you not package yourself. So,  you just have to start investing in yourself with the little you have. As an upcoming artiste, if don’t have a job or handwork please get one. However, investing in yourself goes beyond just paying popular blogs and promoters and going to good studios atleast push ur craft by posting instagram videos once in a week or on a monthly basis. This way a record label would find you and probably invest in you.
  Thirdly, They look for fast money. Upcoming artistes are always in a rush to make money with their songs. You just started music and you’re putting ur songs only on digital platforms like; AudioMack, SoundCloud, Boom play, etc. This is very wrong. You start by putting out free content. Put your songs on free download blogs even if you will use digital platforms. Allow people to listen to ur song for free. Untill people download ur songs and share them you shouldn’t expect any money from ur track. Its so unfortunate that we rate artistes with 2k streams on AudioMack than those with 5k downloads on free blogs. Its so ignorant of you to think you’re a star because you don’t put your songs on free download blogs. They be like “He is a big artist oh! He doesn’t put his song on blogs, na only AudioMack” AudioMack with how many streams??  Some Deceive themselves by boosting fake streams, but the question is who are you deceiving??


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