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Top eleven (11) things to avoid when you’re writing lyrics as a Hausa Rapper



Top eleven (11) things to avoid when you're writing lyrics as a Hausa Rapper
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Top eleven (11) things to avoid when you're writing lyrics as a Hausa Rapper

Top eleven (11) things to avoid when you’re writing lyrics as a Hausa Rapper

We all know, the prayer and hope of every Hausa Rapper is to bring a good and qualitative song that can easily go viral and stay top in the ocean of good music which will allow him/her to build large fan base.

 No doubt, to stay on top of their game, Hausa rappers are looking to come up with awesome lyrics that are appealing to their fans. To achieve this, they are always looking to incorporate flow and rhythm into their lyrics. Have you heard some rappers rapping and you are like they have good delivery but the lyrics is pretty much saying nothing? If your lyrics are flowing but the content is missing it will all count for nothing. There are some little things you can avoid while writing your lyrics which can make a whole lot of difference in the end.

This article will surely help you improved yourself as Hausa rapper even a little. 360Hausa management decided to brings such important articles just to make Hausa Rap music far much better.

  1. Don’t add lyrics just for the sake of rhyming

This is one of the most common mistakes that below average rappers are usually doing. They think that rapping is all about rhyming, so the add lyrics without caring if they make sense or not. For example, if the first line ended with the word “lie” they follow it with rhyming words like “die” “mood” or “wood.” If the words are making sense, fine. But if they are sounding out of place it is better you avoid rhyming words but use words that make sense.

  1. Don’t think like a freestyle rapper while lyrics writing

If you have listened to rap legends such as Eminem then you know what I exactly mean. One on one, Eminem might be the rapper to beat in freestyle rapping. He can think on his feet and spit lyrics out of his head like nonsense. But when it comes to lyrics writing, all his songs have a story to tell. He doesn’t just fix words or punch lines to scare off opponents. There is an opening, middle and end to every song. If you want to make a name for yourself as a rapper, pick a subject and write about it from start till end. From Hausa rappers look at Hausa BOC MADAKI [Read Wasika zuwa Sama lyrics ] is trying his best to pick a topic or subject digest lyrically. You can do it yourself. For example, you can write about how nobody expected you to make it as a rapper, but you persisted until your efforts paid off. Now you have signed with a respectable label and everyone is singing to your lyrics.

  1. Avoid writing about the same subject all the time

It is easy to fall into the temptation of writing about the same thing all the time. For example, you might think that dissing other rappers all the time is what fans want to hear but you are wrong. Fans want to hear new stuff and if you keep writing about the same subject over and over again, they will quickly become bored with your lyrics. It is important you appreciate other style of lyrics writing so that your fans don’t get bored with you. Indeed this is one of the best problems our upcoming Hausa rappers that think diss or beef will make them great or popular.

  1. Writing without planning

Creative people such as rappers will tell you that you never know when those incredible lyrics might hit your head. That is why it is advisable you carry a notepad with you all the time. These days, smart phones have notepads which makes it easy for rappers to write their lyrics down from anywhere. However, before you start writing it is important you plan what you want to talk about first. Writing anything that comes to your head is not going to help you come up with good lyrics. If you become good Hausa rapper you should be planning everything especially lyrics. Remember “Fail to plan, is plan to fail.”

  1. Don’t use punch lines just for the sake of it

You might think that every rapper is using punch lines in their songs, for Instance, Dj AB & ClassiQ. So why not you? If used well, punch lines can really be catchy and can enhance your rapping game. However, use them badly and fans will never forgive you. To be on the safe side, don’t use punch lines just for the sake of it. Use them only when they are adding value to your lyrics.

  1. Avoid filler words

When you listen to rap music back in the day, they were full of filler words such as “yo” “men” “yeah.” In fact there is an old rap song which goes like “yo yo yo yo yo… yo yo yo yo yo.” To be honest rap music has evolved since then and if you are fond of using these filler words you need to remove them from your lyrics. Let your creativity flow and embrace words that make sense into your lyrics. If you can, try to be serious on your lyrics. For example ‘Fresh Emir’ on his song He make zero Noise but his subject matter.

  1. Avoid distractions

Just like any other work, you can easily get distracted while writing your lyrics. Perhaps it is your best friend who wants to chat about the next upcoming gig. Or maybe it is your flurry friend seeking your attention. As a rapper, you are faced with all sorts of distractions which can kill your productivity. If necessary, switch off your phone and lock the door so that you can concentrate on writing your lyrics. Try to get good sound place that will allow you to get peace of mind, this will give you opportunity to think clearly and come up with fresh ideas.

  1. Not blocking a time for writing
You need to dedicate time for writing your lyrics. However, some rappers are so busy attending shows or going out with friends that they forget to block time for writing. If rapping is your career, you cannot afford to make this mistake. Dedicate some time out of your busy schedule for lyrics writing. This could be part of your plans and also signal of respecting what you’re doing as a Hausa Rapper.
  1. Using social media while writing

Chatting with friends or responding to fans comments about your last gig which you killed it can be fun. However, there is time for everything, using social media while writing your lyrics can be distractive. Therefore, it is advisable you avoid social media while writing your lyrics. This is one of the best problems of writing lyrics with your smart phones. Recently Di’ja talked about case similar to this. [Read. Di’ja writing Writing with pen and paper is therapeutic – Di’ja Revealed ]

  1. Using wrong rimes

We all love Hausa rap music especially when they rhyme well. This might make you think that rap and rimes go hand in hand, right? Wrong. Using the wrong rimes can damage what could otherwise have been good rap lyrics. Only use rimes when they make sense to the lyrics you are writing. When you’re listening to legendary Hausa rappers or world rappers something they don’t care about rhyme but the message the lyrics carries.

  1. Avoid using Abusive words

Hausa people usually valued their ‘norms and values’ anything threatening it, they will fight it direct or indirect. When you used Abusive words in your lyrics, this will seriously demote your music career in the Hausa nation. A lot of upcoming Hausa rappers think using abusive words will make you famous. Sometimes, yes, but did you you know you’ll not last longer?


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Important informations that Every Woman will like to Know



Important informations that Every Woman will like to Know Beautiful Fulani girl
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Important informations that Every Woman will like to Know Beautiful Fulani girl

Important informations that Every Woman will like to Know

The importance of this information forced us published it for you, because every good man respect woman.

our MAN may not own a car. He may not earn a lot of money. He may not live in a posh estate. He may not be able to shower you with gifts all the time. He may not have a great job. ” But it’s enough to know you are the ONLY ONE He has at his heart. He has a vision. He is Honest. He is very hard- working. He is humble. He keeps that smile on your face. He talks to you every day. He actually listens to you. He always replies your messages. He tolerates you when you’re moody. His family knows you. He tells you you’re beautiful all the time. He sees you every chance he gets. He appreciates the smallest things you do. He is there when you need him. He respects you. He is proud you are his…he treats you like a QUEEN because you are his everything and he fears to lose you. ” Why ask for what he cannot afford? He may not have it all now, but one day he will… He may not be living his dream now, but one day he will… He pictures making a family with you and he means it when he says that he loves you. ” Dear Ladies, appreciate that man in your life who strives to be all you need.. He may not be all the things you need right now but with time he will be…

He will get a job, get the money, he will buy a land and he will build a house for both of you. He won’t be renting or staying at his parent’s house forever. He will fulfill all his promises and he will be a good dad to your children. Just kindly be patient if you seriously love him. Everything will be fine between both of you. Don’t be pushed around by money and what you want to eat now. —Kindly SHARE this for Every WOMAN to read.

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Cikakken Labarin Shugaban Masoya Na Duniya (Laila Majnun)



Cikakken Labarin Shugaban Masoya Na Duniya (Laila Majnun)
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Cikakken Labarin Shugaban Masoya Na Duniya (Laila Majnun)

Cikakken Labarin Shugaban Masoya Na Duniya (Laila Majnun)

Labarin Soyayyar Majnun Laila, Waye majnun lailah ?

Wani mutumne da aka yi a daular banu umaiyya abisa zance mafi inganci. Sunansa shine Qais Bn Mulawwah daga labilar Banu Amir, Qais balaraben kauyene, ya taso tare da ‘yar gidan kawunsa mai suna LAILA BNT MAHDI IBN SA’D Amfi sanin Laila da sunan Laila Aamiriya, tare suka taso tun suna yara suna kiwon dabobi har suka girma, suka fita daga sahun yara suka kai munzalin balagha. A Yayin da alamun nuna balaga da cikar budurci suka gama bayyana ajikin Laila sai Qais ya rude soyayyarsa gare ta, hankalinsa ya dugunzuma ya tashi. Domin a wannan lokacin ne Qais ya Llura da irin kyawun dirin da Allah ya yiwa abokiyarsa Laila, a kullum soyayyar Laila sai kara tashin gwauron zabi take yi a cikin zuciyar Qais, a cikin wannan yanayi ne Qais ya shiga rera mata waqoqin soyayya kala-kala babu dare babu rana hakance tasa Mahdi mahaifin Laila ya nemi da Qais ya fito dan maganar aure, saboda nuna soyayya da kauna said a Qais ya bayar da raquma hamsin gidansu Laila a matsayin kudin aure. Ana haka sai ga wani mutum da ake kira WIRD BN MUHAMMAD wani dan hamshaqin attajiri ne daga cikin ‘ya’yayen masarautar Banu Umaiyya, katsahan yayi ido hudu da Laila a wata rana a cikin wani Lambu tana kiwon dabobinta. Daga wannan rana Soyayyar Laila ta hana Wird ya yi bacci a wannan dare! Cikin yan kwanaki kadan Iyayenm Wird suka sauka a gidan su Laila dan neman aurenta ga dansu Wird. A wannan rana da Iyayan Wird suka je ga mahaifin Laila said a suka ajiye masa Manyan Raquma guda dari (100) a matsayin kudin aure, wato ribi biyu akan abinda Qais ya bayar! Daga nan lissafi ya kwacewa mahaifin Laila, domin kuwa yayi irin mugun abin kunyar nan na nuna kwadayi da son abin duniya. Bayan haka ne Mahaifin Laila ya kira ‘yarsa Laila cikin daki yanai mata hudunbar cewar ga mai kudi dan masu mulki shi zai aurawa ita! Babbar Magana! Laila taki amincewa da maganar mahaifinta a karon farko, amma sai ya yi mata barazanar cewar zai yanka ta idan har bata amince da auren Wird ba! Kwatsam sai aka wayi gari Qais ya ji gari ya dauka da kace nace din anyiwa masoyiyarsa Laila aure, da Wird. Wanne irin hali Qais zai kasance a wannan ranar? Tun daga wannan lokacin bacci yayi hijira daga idonsa, farin ciki ya gagari zuciyarsa, damuwa bakin ciki gami da bacin Rai da takaici, zubar da hawaye babu dare babu rana, suka kasance tare da Qais a matsayin abokai na din-din-din! Wake waken soyayya sune zancensa, bashi da abokin hira sai wakar da yake yiwa laila ga kadan daga irin abinda yake cewa: zuwa ga Allah nake kai kukan son laila kamar yadda maraya yake kai kukan maraicinsa zuwa a Allah. Marayanda da kafasa ta karye gashi kuma dangi sun gujeshe Lallai rasa iyaye abune mai girman gaske. Haka Qais da aka yiwa lakabi da “Majnunu lailah” yake bin kwararo kwararo da saman manyan duwatsu da bakin ruwa da cikin furanni yana rerawa Laila wadannan baituka masu motsa zuciya bai gushe ba harse da akayi masa lakabi da “majnunu laila”….!


Duk da cewa itama Laila tana matukar son Qais (majnun) amma kuma hakan baya hanata ta wahalar dashi, a wasu lokutanma harda yi masa wulaqanci, baya ga yin amfani da mallakeshi da tayi wajen azabtar dashi, dama haka sha’anin mata yake shi yasa majnun awani baiti yace: “Nace da wani babban malami da na gamu dashi a makka, dan Allah ka bani labarin wacce take cutar dani, azamanin da take jiji da kai (saboda ina sonta) shin hakan da take ba laifi bane?” Sai Malamin ya fadawa Qais cewa: “Wallahi da sannu azaba zata shafe ta kuma a duniya ma saita hadu da bala’I”. Dagan an Qai yace, sai na kasa mallakar idona sai da hawaye ya zubo cikin sauri ya jiqa min aljihun rigata, sai nace, Allah ya yafe mata laifinta duk da yake a duniya dan kadanne samunta. Qais ko Laila Majnun Bai gusheba a cikin wannan hali har sai da ya samu tabin hankali. Domin ya kasance idan yaga yara suna wasan kasa yakan zauna tare dasu ya taro kasa ya rinqa gina gida irin wanda yara suke yi da kasa yana cewa cikin waqa: “abokaina kuzo kuga gidana nida laila”….!


A yayinda al-amari ya tsananta sai mutane suka baiwa mahaifin Majnun wato Qais shawara da ya daukeshi ya kaishi ka’aba (dakin Allah) ya umarce shi da ya roqi Allah ya cire masa son Laila! Amma saboda tsananin soyayya a yayin da suka je dakin ka’aba sai mahaifinsa yace masa: kama tufafin ka’aba ka roki Allah ya cire maka son Laila sai Majnun ya kama yace: “Allah na tuba gareka daga dukkan laifi, amma bazan tuba daga son da nake yiwa Laila ba . . . ataqaice haka majnun ya rayu cikin wannan yanayi na abin tausayi! Ita kuwa Laila tuni wanda ya aureta ya dauke daga kasar Saudiyya gabaki daya zuwa kasar Iraqi. Haka itama ta rayu cikin wannan mummunan yanayi abinka da ‘ya mace mai rauni said a rashin ganin Qais ya haddasa mata ciwon zuciya …….!


Daga nan ita ma ta kamu da ciwon zuciya saboda tsananin soyayyar Qais Majnun! Tana cikin wannan hali ne na rashin ganin masoyinta Allah ya karbi rayuwarta! A lokacin da Majnun yaji labarin rasuwarta sai da yaje har kasar Iraqi ya nemi inda take, da inda aka binne ta, a makabartar da aka binne laila a daidai gindin kabarinta ya tare…..!


Bashi da aiki sai kuka da wakokin soyayya a gareta. Wata rana da safe sai masu wucewa suka hangoshi (Qais-Majnun) ya kifa cikinsa akan qabarinta, ko da aka zo aka duba sai aka tarar Allah ya yi masa cikawa! Haka fa Allah yake jarabtar wasu da soyayya…

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FOREX: Important Things to Know About Cryptocurrency and The main Rules of Cryptocurrency Market



FOREX: Important Things to Know About Cryptocurrency and The main Rules of Cryptocurrency Market
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FOREX: Important Things to Know About Cryptocurrency and The main Rules of Cryptocurrency Market

FOREX: Important Things to Know About Cryptocurrency and The main Rules of Cryptocurrency Market

World investors are heavenly relied on crypto, Indeed it’s important to know investment in the world market is more on Crypto.

Before we start, take a look at the popular Quote below:

Popular Quote of Cryptocurrency Markets Investors

before setting goals in the crypto currency business, first let’s go through some

common misconceptions around crypto currency.


I frankly admit that I also almost got infected with skepticism towards

crypto currency at the beginning of my journey, as many people scared me by

telling me that crypto currency is a wildcat venture, financial pyramid, or the

like. Such false beliefs often fence many people off from possible success. Only

a small number of sticklers verify such statements about crypto currency instead

of just blindly believing them.

I am sure that you have also heard allegations that no country will ever recognize

crypto currency so crypto currency has no future. To refute this, it is enough to

recall the recent increase in the value of crypto currency. Some countries have

already recognized crypto currency as means of payment. Thus, this so-called

“entertainment for geeks” has evolved into very real business for investment

bankers and various corporations.

Therefore, if you, personally, still do not earn money in crypto currency, it is

most likely because of the large number of the aforementioned statements, which

you may have heard from pseudo-experts.

Let’s enumerate the statements that stop many people halfway:

1. It’s too risky. What if I invest money and crypto currency is banned

worldwide the next day?

2. I do not have any financial education so I wouldn’t know what I

was doing;

3. My friend/brother/neighbor invested money in crypto currency and

lost everything;

4. The topic of crypto currency is too new and difficult to understand

as it is so I’d better wait a couple of years when everything

becomes clear.

All these statements are merely excuses for your inaction. While you come up

with additional excuses, people all over the world have already built a business

in the crypto currency market and are making a profit. Ask yourself: what makes

me worse than these people? If you realize that you are not worse than your

friend/brother/neighbor, who already earns money in the crypto currency market,

then ask yourself the following question: why should I enter the world of

crypto currency business right now?


So I will answer this question point by point. Each of the arguments will begin

with the words right nowso that you better understand why you should do this

right now.

First, right now there is very little competition in the market. Are you surprised?

It’s true. Yes, the interest in this topic constantly grows, but in general, the

competition is still very low. This market is still quite “wild” and unmetered.

The reason for this is that most people tend not to trust new trends and ventures,

as we have already mentioned above.

Second, right now you can reap high returns on this market. Crypto currency

prices are at the stage of growth and development, but even so, you can earn a

decent sum of money. As long as you manage your risks wisely, you can make

profits in time.

Third, right now there are a lot of freeloaders in the market. They come to the

cryptocurrency market to make a quick buck without delving into the subject.

Usually, such people come from the pyramid schemes led by so-called “experts”

who teach people without having any real experience in the topic themselves. I

must admit that the market encouraged such people in the beginning, when they

had a chance to make lots of money then. However, nowadays, if you want to

achieve something like this in the cryptocurrency market, you will have to make

real efforts.

Fourth, right now there are low risks in the market. Five years ago, most people

waited for the day when crypto currency would be officially banned. These days,

many countries around the world have already recognized the relevance of

crypto currency. Crypto currency has gained such momentum that no one can

simply press the stop button now. Do you really think that this fact does not

prove you can invest your money without fear of various prohibitions and


Finally, before moving on to the rules of the game in the crypto currency market,

I suggest considering the future of crypto currency through the example of the

Tesla company. Currently, the cost of a Tesla is estimated in the amount that,

according to the expert forecasts, it will not be able to make back its expense in

300 years. Why do smart experts rate Teslas so highly then? Let’s puzzle it out.

These days, an electric car is beautiful and stylish but expensive and not a very

practical vehicle. However, experts are not concerned about today. They

visualize a future that can become a reality in 20 or 30 years. It is difficult to

imagine in years to come the ordinary cars we see daily in the streets now. You

may imagine your old beloved car in the future, but personally, I picture some

kind of semi-flying vehicles with solar panels or something even more

sophisticated. Therefore, it is the electric vehicle that will have a bright and

successful future, and Tesla is likely to occupy a leading position in the market.

It turns out that, by and large, no one knows for certain whether Tesla will hold

its position in the market for the next 20-30 years. However, many people

strongly believe it will, and this belief makes them invest in the company.

Therefore, personally, I can easily believe that Tesla will hold a monopoly in the

entire automotive manufacturing sector in 20 years.

How is this example linked to the future of crypto currency? Nowadays, some

people view crypto currency (like an electric vehicle) as meaningless – a

fashionable, interesting and technically curious trend. But a trend, nonetheless.

However, this tiny drop now is likely to grow into a large dominant sea in the



Before breaking new ground, real professionals learn the rules of the game and

set goals, determining what kind of result they want to achieve. Since we are

professionals, we will first deal with this task.

The following points must surely be among the crypto currency trading goals you

will set for yourself:

define the specific sum of money or percent of your income you

will invest monthly in the area of crypto currency;

define the degree of your readiness for risks;

define your specific goals in the short and long-term.

Having set the goals, it is important to understand what is needed for a

successful and fast startup in the crypto currency market. You will be surprised,

but the theory is the least important thing in this field. Many people say they lack

the information and knowledge for doing this type of business. However, most

of the strategies I will tell you about do not require deep knowledge of the

crypto currency business world. It will be enough for you to have a grip on basic

principles of the crypto currency economy.

Then what’s the problem? You need practice. Only practice, not a book (not even

mine), will help you to understand where to buy, where to sell, how to store, and

how to transfer crypto currency.

You will also need:

Several ready-made strategies with low risk to enter the market

Ability to filter content and information around you

Communication with more experienced traders of the

crypto currency market and “spying” on their actions

Risk management

An audit from an experienced curator.

And now we proceed to the statement you must remember once and for all:

making any investment in the crypto currency market IS A RISK. If you are not

ready to accept this, don’t bother trying. Any opinion or forecast for the

development of a particular coin, the reliability of ICO (this will be discussed

later) is only a biased stance. There is not a single person across the globe who

could give you an iron-clad guarantee for further developments. There are

absolutely no right decisions and 100% guarantees. I or someone else can only

give you a piece of advice, not guarantees.

You are the only person to bear responsibility for each decision. You should not

subsequently blame an online resource, where you read about the prospects of

some currency, or a friend who recommended you a reliable ICO, or even me for

your possible financial losses! I, as the author of this book, will share my

thoughts about reliable crypto currencies with you. However, this will be just my

subjective opinion, again, only at this very moment. Therefore, if you are up to

the task of blaming others for your possible failures, not yourself, you’d better

close this book immediately and waste no time.

The cryptocurrency market is alive and constantly changing. Therefore, when

dealing with crypto currency trading, one must learn to take personal

responsibility for making decisions and always remember that no gains can be

made without taking risks. Yes, there are less risky strategies, but risks exist in

any case. Invest just the sum you are willing to lose without much regret.

And right now, lay the book aside and write down the two rules you should

never break:

1. Do not invest to the last penny.

2. Have a stash of cash to take advantage of opportunities.

And finally, beginners should learn several safety points:

When trading on the exchange, protect your account with twofactor authentication and keep your code name private.

Your password should have at least 26 characters; a special

password generator may help you come up with one.

Never keep all your money on one exchange or in one wallet.

Trade only on tried-and-true exchanges.

Do not use public access points to trade in the crypto currency


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