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Top eleven (11) things to avoid when you’re writing lyrics as a Hausa Rapper



Top eleven (11) things to avoid when you're writing lyrics as a Hausa Rapper
Top eleven (11) things to avoid when you're writing lyrics as a Hausa Rapper

Top eleven (11) things to avoid when you’re writing lyrics as a Hausa Rapper

We all know, the prayer and hope of every Hausa Rapper is to bring a good and qualitative song that can easily go viral and stay top in the ocean of good music which will allow him/her to build large fan base.

 No doubt, to stay on top of their game, Hausa rappers are looking to come up with awesome lyrics that are appealing to their fans. To achieve this, they are always looking to incorporate flow and rhythm into their lyrics. Have you heard some rappers rapping and you are like they have good delivery but the lyrics is pretty much saying nothing? If your lyrics are flowing but the content is missing it will all count for nothing. There are some little things you can avoid while writing your lyrics which can make a whole lot of difference in the end.

This article will surely help you improved yourself as Hausa rapper even a little. 360Hausa management decided to brings such important articles just to make Hausa Rap music far much better.

  1. Don’t add lyrics just for the sake of rhyming

This is one of the most common mistakes that below average rappers are usually doing. They think that rapping is all about rhyming, so the add lyrics without caring if they make sense or not. For example, if the first line ended with the word “lie” they follow it with rhyming words like “die” “mood” or “wood.” If the words are making sense, fine. But if they are sounding out of place it is better you avoid rhyming words but use words that make sense.

  1. Don’t think like a freestyle rapper while lyrics writing

If you have listened to rap legends such as Eminem then you know what I exactly mean. One on one, Eminem might be the rapper to beat in freestyle rapping. He can think on his feet and spit lyrics out of his head like nonsense. But when it comes to lyrics writing, all his songs have a story to tell. He doesn’t just fix words or punch lines to scare off opponents. There is an opening, middle and end to every song. If you want to make a name for yourself as a rapper, pick a subject and write about it from start till end. From Hausa rappers look at Hausa BOC MADAKI [Read Wasika zuwa Sama lyrics ] is trying his best to pick a topic or subject digest lyrically. You can do it yourself. For example, you can write about how nobody expected you to make it as a rapper, but you persisted until your efforts paid off. Now you have signed with a respectable label and everyone is singing to your lyrics.

  1. Avoid writing about the same subject all the time

It is easy to fall into the temptation of writing about the same thing all the time. For example, you might think that dissing other rappers all the time is what fans want to hear but you are wrong. Fans want to hear new stuff and if you keep writing about the same subject over and over again, they will quickly become bored with your lyrics. It is important you appreciate other style of lyrics writing so that your fans don’t get bored with you. Indeed this is one of the best problems our upcoming Hausa rappers that think diss or beef will make them great or popular.

  1. Writing without planning

Creative people such as rappers will tell you that you never know when those incredible lyrics might hit your head. That is why it is advisable you carry a notepad with you all the time. These days, smart phones have notepads which makes it easy for rappers to write their lyrics down from anywhere. However, before you start writing it is important you plan what you want to talk about first. Writing anything that comes to your head is not going to help you come up with good lyrics. If you become good Hausa rapper you should be planning everything especially lyrics. Remember “Fail to plan, is plan to fail.”

  1. Don’t use punch lines just for the sake of it

You might think that every rapper is using punch lines in their songs, for Instance, Dj AB & ClassiQ. So why not you? If used well, punch lines can really be catchy and can enhance your rapping game. However, use them badly and fans will never forgive you. To be on the safe side, don’t use punch lines just for the sake of it. Use them only when they are adding value to your lyrics.

  1. Avoid filler words

When you listen to rap music back in the day, they were full of filler words such as “yo” “men” “yeah.” In fact there is an old rap song which goes like “yo yo yo yo yo… yo yo yo yo yo.” To be honest rap music has evolved since then and if you are fond of using these filler words you need to remove them from your lyrics. Let your creativity flow and embrace words that make sense into your lyrics. If you can, try to be serious on your lyrics. For example ‘Fresh Emir’ on his song He make zero Noise but his subject matter.

  1. Avoid distractions

Just like any other work, you can easily get distracted while writing your lyrics. Perhaps it is your best friend who wants to chat about the next upcoming gig. Or maybe it is your flurry friend seeking your attention. As a rapper, you are faced with all sorts of distractions which can kill your productivity. If necessary, switch off your phone and lock the door so that you can concentrate on writing your lyrics. Try to get good sound place that will allow you to get peace of mind, this will give you opportunity to think clearly and come up with fresh ideas.

  1. Not blocking a time for writing
You need to dedicate time for writing your lyrics. However, some rappers are so busy attending shows or going out with friends that they forget to block time for writing. If rapping is your career, you cannot afford to make this mistake. Dedicate some time out of your busy schedule for lyrics writing. This could be part of your plans and also signal of respecting what you’re doing as a Hausa Rapper.
  1. Using social media while writing

Chatting with friends or responding to fans comments about your last gig which you killed it can be fun. However, there is time for everything, using social media while writing your lyrics can be distractive. Therefore, it is advisable you avoid social media while writing your lyrics. This is one of the best problems of writing lyrics with your smart phones. Recently Di’ja talked about case similar to this. [Read. Di’ja writing Writing with pen and paper is therapeutic – Di’ja Revealed ]

  1. Using wrong rimes

We all love Hausa rap music especially when they rhyme well. This might make you think that rap and rimes go hand in hand, right? Wrong. Using the wrong rimes can damage what could otherwise have been good rap lyrics. Only use rimes when they make sense to the lyrics you are writing. When you’re listening to legendary Hausa rappers or world rappers something they don’t care about rhyme but the message the lyrics carries.

  1. Avoid using Abusive words

Hausa people usually valued their ‘norms and values’ anything threatening it, they will fight it direct or indirect. When you used Abusive words in your lyrics, this will seriously demote your music career in the Hausa nation. A lot of upcoming Hausa rappers think using abusive words will make you famous. Sometimes, yes, but did you you know you’ll not last longer?


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