Don’t Get Married, It’s A Scam — Maureen Esisi

Don’t Get Married, It’s A Scam — Maureen Esisi.

Maureen Esisi, former spouse of actor Blossom Chukwujekwu, took to Snapchat to share candid advice for young individuals considering marriage, cautioning against rushing into such commitments.

Esisi boldly labelled marriage as a “scam” and advised prospective couples to prioritise practicality over haste.

In her message, she noted the importance of sexual intimacy before marriage, suggesting that couples should engage in sexual relations before deciding to tie the knot.

Esisi advocated for a balance between morality and religion, encouraging couples to focus on character rather than religious beliefs when choosing a life partner.

Her advice extended to financial matters, urging couples to wait for financial stability before entering marriage. She suggested having a modest wedding and allocating funds toward a remarkable honeymoon and initial years of marriage, stressing the often overlooked challenges that arise post-wedding day.

Esisi also stressed the importance of discretion in dealing with relationship issues, advising partners to report concerns to the other’s family rather than their own, as family members might not easily forgive as partners could. She also highlighted the significance of recognizing warning signs, stating that if someone exhibits negative behaviour before marriage, it’s likely to continue afterward.

The influencer’s advice stemmed from her personal experiences following her separation from Blossom Chukwujekwu, her husband of four years. The couple married in 2015 and parted ways in 2019.

She said, “There is no Gold medal for the one who marries the earliest.. wait for your time and for financial stability. Have a small memorable wedding, rather spend that bulk money on a Fantastic Honeymoon And the first years in marriage (they are the hardest years) cos no one cares after your wedding day.

“Report your partner to their Family members(if you must) and not yours, you would eventually forgive them, your family member will not. keep your Family secrets to yourself and with God…. Friends won’t help you – if he / she hits you before marriage, they will hit you after marriage.

“This is for those of you looking for a life partner – Choose good genuine character over religion if you doubt this, ask people who married their spouses solely cos they are Pastors. Don’t overlook bad behaviour in hopes that they will eventually change or you would change them.

“Have sxx with your Partner before walking down that Aisle cos trust me, a flaw is this is gigantic enough to make you walk back up that Aisle. Understand each other’s love language cos it would highly improve communication( communication is vital for a lasting Union; the till old age kind of union(Be you a house wife or a Working One, LEARN TO SAVE for a Rainy Day…

“Above all said, don’t get married, it’s a scam”



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