Jada Pinkett Smith Allegedly Caught Cheating on Will Smith with Marc Anthony, Friend Claims

Will Smith Cheating Scandal: Actor Allegedly Caught Wife Jada Pinkett Smith With Marc Anthony

Jada Pinkett Smith Allegedly Caught Cheating on Will Smith with Marc Anthony, Friend Claims. It turns out that blogger Tasha K’s interview with Brother Bilaal was even more scandalous and potentially defamatory than we thought.

The Will Smith allegations just keep on rolling in the media, most of which surfaced from his former friend Brother Bilaal’s interview with blogger Tasha K. Moreover, this resulted in the bombshell claim that Bilaal saw Will and Duane Martin having intercourse, which Jada Pinkett Smith and her husband might sue for regarding defamatory claims. However, there’s another scandalous and unfounded thing he spoke on that has actually been part of the gossip train for a while. This relates to Marc Anthony, who was with Jennifer Lopez at the time, cheating on her with Jada, who remains with the actor to this day.

Furthermore, this is another installment in a long-running series around conversations around the Smiths’ alleged or proven infidelity. Back to the story, though: Brother Bill claims that Jada Pinkett Smith and Marc Anthony had a romantic relationship on the set of the show Hawthorne. While Will was apparently fine with this according to Brother Bilaal, even as gossip outlets reported on it, the “final straw” was when he allegedly caught his wife and the singer having intercourse on their couch. This, Brother Bilaal says, “devastated” Will and led him into suicidal thoughts, whereas he also claimed that this prompted Anthony’s divorce from Jennifer Lopez.

Brother Bilaal With More Allegations About Jada Pinkett & Will Smith: Watch

Of course, this is all baseless, speculative, and inflammatory gossip from one man, so take this with a huge grain of salt. If anything, it’s ironic how this interview and other allegations actually put Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith in the same camp. Before, during the actress’ promo run for her memoir Worthy, she solely spoke from her perspective on how rocky their relationship was. Now, though, it seems like they’re both committed to defending each other and fighting against what they call lies and blatant attacks.

Meanwhile, all this drama is taking place as the Fresh Prince remains pretty tight-lipped, other than at least two instances addressing it. One was a video of him sleeping through a bumpy boat ride, indicating that he’s unfazed by the chaos. Another was an email to The New York Times that supported the Baltimore native on her journey and opened up to her emotional nuances. We’ll see if or when he decides to make a more complete return to the public eye. Until then, log back into 360Hausa for the latest news and updates on Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

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