Kanye West’s Bold Plan to Build a City of His Own

From Donda to Dometopia: Kanye West’s Architectural Odyssey Continues. Kanye West’s Bold Plan to Build a City of His Own. Move Over, Elon! Kanye West is Building His Own City (and It’s Called Yeezyville).

From Sunday Service to Sunday City: Kanye West’s Spiritual Megacity Takes Shape. The city is reportedly supposed to be a massive and built somewhere in the Middle East.

Kanye West is nothing if not ambitious. He’s often tried to take on some monumental challenges that very few other artists would even attempt. That can sometimes frustrate fans when projects are announced and never followed up it. West has a notorious history of projects never materializing. Some of the most notable examples being albums he announces that never drop. A recent collaborative project he announced with Ty Dolla $ign was supposed to drop over the weekend but never did. The album is now rumored to drop on New Year’s Eve, but fans aren’t exactly getting their hopes up.

Now, in a new Tweet, the mysterious rapper has made his most ambitious announcement yet, an entire self-sustaining city. He shared a short press release for a city called DROAM which is reportedly still in Phase 1 development. The plans for the city are wildly ambitious with the promise that it will span 100,000 acres, approximately twice the size of New York City. In the post, he’s also asking for collaborators to sign onto the project to help him. He’s looking for project managers, engineers, architects, contractors, and builders to join the team working on the city. Check out the full post below.

Kanye West Working On New City In The Middle East

The announcement comes just a day after a report that Kanye West’s Los Angeles church has been completely abandoned. West purchased the Church in March of this year for $1.5 million but after he spent the past few months in Europe, the church is now in disarray. Included in the report are pictures of the church with boarded up windows and piling up trash.

Kanye also listed his Malibu home for sale earlier this week. The house was notoriously stripped down almost entirely of its faculties earlier this year and is now basically gutted. That’s why fans were so surprised that the listing price was an astronomical $53 million. What do you think of Kanye West’s idea to build an entire new city in the Middle East? Do you think the project will ever get close to being completed? Let us know in the comment section below.

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