Scar Lip: Music & Career Manager

Who Is Scar Lip?

Who Is Scar Lip? New York’s Femcee Taking Over The Game. Scar Lip: Music & Career Manager, Scar Lip Net Worth 2024, Scar Lip Bio and Lots More.

Rising from a troubled childhood, Scar Lip is becoming one of the hottest upcoming emcees—and rap GOATs agree she’s next in line.

Who is Scar Lip?
Who is Scar Lip?

With the wave of female rappers entering the game being the strongest it’s ever been, the newest leading lady out of New York has everyone asking, “Who is Scar Lip?” With hits like “New York” and her infamous “Glizzy Gobbler,” Scar Lip is making her presence heard with her aggressive delivery and sharp punchlines. Like other artists emerging from Hip Hops modern era, Scar Lip’s social media presence keeps her new fans close to her and gives insight into who she is. With plenty of competition in the form of fellow female artists on the scene, she is looking to stand out with an iron fist. Here is everything you need to know about New York’s own Scar Lip.

SCar Lip Biography – Life Story

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Growing up in the Bronx, Sierra Lucas, also known as Scar Lip, didn’t have an easy upbringing. In fact, the traumatic events in the rapper’s childhood shaped who she is today. At 12, she lost her mother in a hit-and-run car accident. Her brother caused a traumatic injury as a child, resulting in a trademark scar on her lip. While living with her aunt, Scar Lip also faced alleged abuse from her uncle and aunt as well. Soon, Lucas moved into foster care after leaving the abusive household. This is where the rapper began writing poetry to cope with the events she had experienced. She details these experiences in her songs “Therapy,” “Foster Care,” and “Suicide Awareness.”

Famous Co-Signs

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Since emerging on the scene, Scar Lip has received a lot of love from fellow rappers. The latest A-lister to give her praise to Scar Lip is fellow Bronx native Cardi B. When asked if she would consider being featured on the “This Is New York” remix, she enthusiastically replied, “I love that song! My fans keep asking for it.” Earlier this month, both artists attended the Met Gala celebrations. On Instagram, Cardi B reposted a pic of Scar Lip in her Met Gala ensemble with the caption, “I love her.” The new upcoming artist also went to Instagram, sharing her excitement at the moment with her fans.

“Cardi B just posted me,” Scar Lip said in a video. “She inspired me. She from The Bronx, bro. I’m from The Bronx. She showed us young girls we could make it, and we could be something, bro. I can’t f**king believe this sh*t. We did it.” In her post, she also got support from other figures as well. Tony Yayo, Wack 100, Lola Brooks, and Latto all joined in showing love in Scar Lip’s comment section. The 22-year-old has also received praise from the likes of Busta Rhymes and Jadakiss. Even NBA legend, Shaquille O’Neal, gave his stamp of approval. On Instagram, the basketball player told the rapper, “It’s time for you to take over New York.” Snoop Dogg gave his praises to the artist as well.

Scar Lip Music 

Being New York to the fullest, Scar Lip’s musical style is heavily influenced by legends who are also fellow residents. The rapper has also cited the late DMX as her main influence. Several others have made striking comparisons between the two artists. Scar Lip says well-known other New York artists, including Onyx also influence her. Among fans, she is also often compared to Brooklyn rapper Casanova.

Social Media

Scar Lips’ loyal fan base was built from her social media presence, like many other modern-day stars. Her TikTok account, named Broken Child Productions, holds over 24.1 million likes with 1.9 million followers. This also solidifies the rapper’s star power on the platform. On her accounts, fans get a closer look into her life and a behind-the-scenes look into her budding career. Scar Lip tells her fans about her life before fame, bringing her loyal fan base closer to the artist. Besides her buzzing Tik Tok account, Scar Lip’s Instagram account also does heavy numbers. Her Instagram page has over 900k followers.

Scar Lip’s emotion and raw delivery have allowed her to make her mark on the Rap scene, garnering much love from fans. Her aggressiveness on the mic also gives a gritty, ’90s era feel that rap fans have been craving. With plenty of co-signs that could lead to legendary collaborations, the artist is already respected by huge names in the genre.

“This is New York” is in the Top 150 songs on YouTube Music in New York City and has over 893k views. Her early star power continues to grow with every appearance, showing she’s here to stay. With a big future ahead of her, and her single being possibly the new anthem for New York rap, Scar Lip has taken hold of the Hip Hop scene and has no intention of letting it go!


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