Language Revitalization Planning Program – Canada

Language Revitalization Planning Program – Canada

Language Revitalization Planning Program – Canada is a groundbreaking initiative designed to support First Nations communities in British Columbia as they embark on the crucial journey of revitalizing and strengthening their endangered languages. This transformative program provides the necessary funding, resources, and expert guidance to develop comprehensive, long-term plans that empower communities to reclaim, preserve, and celebrate their unique linguistic heritage.

Through a collaborative approach that honors traditional knowledge and embraces community-driven strategies, the Language Revitalization Planning Program empowers First Nations to chart a course toward linguistic revitalization, ensuring that their languages continue to thrive for generations to come.

Applications are now open for the Language Revitalization Planning Program to support First Nations communities in B.C. to develop comprehensive, long-term plans for revitalizing and strengthening their languages.

These plans are a way to capture the community’s vision for their language and map out the work for language revitalization into the future. The planning process also helps to build community awareness around language.

The FPCC Language Revitalization Planning Program provides funding plus resources and coaching. Funding can be used for wages, honoraria, equipment, resource materials and more.

The Language Revitalization Planning Program includes peer-to-peer sharing through virtual gatherings and one-on-one coaching support from FPCC as well as helpful resources and templates.

Funding Information
  • The funding amount is based on the expected budget needed to complete the project in one year and is pending available funding. The suggested budget based on previous program years is $100,000.00. Please submit your expected budget in the expression of interest for consideration.
  • Spring Pre-Planning
    • Purpose: Spring pre-planning supports communities to gather the resources needed to support their language revitalization planning work.
    • Outcomes
      • Language Planner is hired
      • A language planning team is established
      • A comprehensive language status assessment is completed
      • Initial engagement is conducted with leadership and community members
  • Summer Planning
    • Purpose: Summer planning supports communities to establish the foundational pieces of their language revitalization plan.
    • Outcomes
      • Guiding values and principles are identified
      • Draft vision and strategic goals established
      • Develop initial actions and indicators
      • Draft language revitalization plan
  • Autumn Pre-Implementation Planning
    • Purpose: Autumn pre-implementation planning support communities to identify and develop the tools and processes required to put the plan into action.
    • Outcomes
      • Language revitalization strategies are identified, prioritized and sequenced
      • Implementation/action plan is completed
      • Monitoring and evaluation plan is completed
      • Fully costed budget is completed
  • Winter Implementation Planning
    • Purpose: Winter implementation planning supports communities to identify potential risks to the implementation of the language revitalization plan, and to finalize and seek leadership approval for their fully costed 5+ year wholistic language plan.
    • Outcomes
      • Resiliency/risk mitigation plan is established
      • Processes are established for regular review of the plan, including review of progress towards the plan’s goals
      • The finalized language is approved
Eligibility Criteria
  • Eligible Applicants
    • First Nations Communities/Governments/Bands/Tribal Councils located in B.C.
    • First Nations Cultural, Language and Education centres in B.C.
    • Not-for-profit societies registered in B.C. that are in good standing and are governed by B.C. First Nations individuals (at least 75% of directors identify as members of recognized B.C. First Nations)
    • B.C. First Nations-led museums and cultural spaces (at least 75% of directors identify as members of recognized B.C. First Nations)
    • Urban and off-reserve B.C. First Nations organizations (at least 75% of directors identify as members of recognized B.C. First Nations)
    • Previous applicants may apply as long as all reporting on previous funding from FPHLCC/FPCC (all programs) or the First Peoples’ Cultural Foundation (FPCF) is up to date
  • Eligible Languages: LRPP funding is available to support the revitalization of the 34 First Nations languages of British Columbia.
  • Individual applicants
  • Public institutions (e.g. schools, universities)
  • Non-Indigenous organizations
  • For-profit organizations
  • Committees, groups, task forces without an established governing body
  • Provincial/territorial and municipal governments and their agencies
  • Federal departments and agencies
  • Organizations with incomplete or outstanding reporting with FPHLCC/FPCF

For more information, visit First Peoples’ Cultural Council.

Deadline: 14-Dec-23


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