Nicki Minaj and Kai Cenat Relationship: Queen Speaks Out

Nicki Minaj and Kai Cenat Relationship: What Nicki Said

Nicki Minaj explains last night’s live session. Nicki Minaj and Kai Cenat Relationship: Queen Speaks Out, But What Nicki Said?

Nicki Minaj is letting it be known that her relationship with Kai Cenat is just fun & games. Last night, Nicki Minaj went on Instagram Live to chat with her fans. In this interactive session, she not only provided insights into her upcoming album Pink Friday 2but also excited her audience with new details about collabs and tracks. She also decided to move her release date to her birthday.

Notably, she took her Live session to the next level by engaging with none other than Kai Cenat, a familiar name with whom she’s had prior interactions, although never before in such an interview-like capacity. As their conversation unfolded, Kai asked when the tour was going to start. Nicki responded with “Have a good night Kai,” and winked to the camera before swiftly ending the live.

However, this isn’t the first time Nicki and Kai have hung out on live. In fact, earlier this summer, Kai Cenat even showed off his dance moves for Nicki. Conversations have gotten pretty intimate with the two, speaking to their funny relationship and ability to keep things casual for the live. Overall, it’s good entertainment. However, after last night’s IG live session with Kai, where Nicki made headlines the following morning for hanging up on Kai during the stream. She seemed pretty frustrated that people still don’t understand that their relationship is just like that.

Nicki Minaj Makes Headlines

“The fact that some people still don’t understand me and Kai relationship chi,” Nicki Minaj started to explain in an IG post. “We from the same county, we can both take it. Pauz. Or my relationship with funny Marco. Some people be thinking Marco is a random crazy man on the live. Like that man is a star with his own brand.” She continued, “But y’all I just peeped that they aggravate me just like Akbar do every time and yet I still add them to my lives. They get on my nerves how they be getting on my nerves. And JT, Flex, Joe.”

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