Nicki Minaj & 21 Savage Rumored To Become “Call Of Duty” Characters

Nicki Minaj & 21 Savage Rumored To Become “Call Of Duty” Characters

Nicki Minaj & 21 Savage Rumored To Become “Call Of Duty” Characters. Nicki Minaj and 21 Savage are two artists at the top of their respective games right now. Of course, Nicki is set to release Pink Friday 2 in November. Moreover, 21 is currently on tour with Drake. He has been in Boston for the last couple of nights, however, he will not be making the trip out to Montreal. In fact, 21 cannot attend any of the Canadian events for the tour. Although this has proven to be disappointing, Drake is ready to rock the show on his own.

When you think of both 21 and Nicki Minaj, you probably aren’t thinking about Call of Duty. Well, you may just have to change that attitude, very soon. According to a leaker by the name of @HeyImAlaix on Twitter, there is some data mining that suggests the two artists will soon be characters in the game. They would come in the form of “operators.” Essentially, they would be playable characters that you can use in multiplayer. Overall, this would be for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

Nicki Minaj & 21 Savage In COD?

If you are a fan of either of these artists, this news will definitely come as a surprise. However, for gamers who still play Call Of Duty, this is definitely great to hear. After all, COD is one of the biggest franchises in the world. Getting to play as the likes of Nicki Minaj and 21 Savage is a novelty that many can appreciate. Unfortunately, the game has not confirmed their inclusion. For now, this is just a rumor based on a data mine leak. Either way, it is something to potentially look forward to.

While COD games have gotten quite a bit of flack in recent years, there is now doubt they still dominate the industry. The average casual gamer will continue to buy these until the end of time. Let us know if you still play Call Of Duty, in the comments section down below. Additionally, stay tuned to 360Hausa for the latest news from around the music world.

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