Posthumous Album Of Takeoff Is Coming

Quavo spoke candidly about still feeling his late nephew’s spirit with him in his latest interview.

Posthumous Album Of Takeoff Is Coming

Posthumous Album Of Takeoff Is Coming. Navigating the death of a family member is never easy, but when they also happen to be your coworker/best friend – and you’re two of the biggest rappers in the world, things become even more complicated. Quavo has been navigating the unexpected passing of Takeoff as gracefully as possible, and while things haven’t been easy, the “WORKIN ME” artist shared in a new interview that feeling his frequent collaborators’ energy moving alongside him has made things easier.

“I just feel my boy’s energy. He got his chair over there, he just be kickin’ it,” Quavo explained. “I always kick it with him. People don’t understand, but I be there. I be there in the house making sure all his stuff is straight, all his jewelry is clean. Still taking care of all his cars and all of that,” the Atlanta native added, clearly wanting Takeoff to feel his respect in the afterlife.

Quavo Caries His Partner in Rhyme with Him Everywhere

While he speaks with complete confidence, the heavy emotion in still obvious in the way Q’s been carrying himself lately. Elsewhere during the same interview, he admitted to still crying himself to sleep at night sometimes. Viewers in the comments have suggested that perhaps the Praise This actor feels guilty because he was the one who was out with Takeoff on the night of his death.

Whatever the case may be, fans have made it clear that they’re praying for Quavo’s healing at this time. He’s made it known that making his upcoming Rocket Power album has been therapeutic for him, and we’re eager to hear what stories he’ll tell on that. In addition, the “HOTEL LOBBY” collaborator shared that we can expect a posthumous LP from Takeoff in the future.

Takeoff’s Legacy to Live on with New Music

It’s unclear when the project will be ready for the public’s ears, but nevertheless, knowing they haven’t heard the last of Rocketman is enough for many hip-hop heads. Are there any guest features you’re particularly like to see on a posthumous album from Takeoff? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more music/pop culture news updates.



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