Every day, there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people doing their best to become famous. Whether they want to make it big in the entertainment industry or shine in the corporate world, many want to be recognized on a global scale for their accomplishments. However, the few that have been able to reach that level of success have often spoken openly about the stress that comes with the responsibility. During her appearance on Carpool Karaoke,Nicki Minaj opened up about struggling with anxiety and feeling as if she was more confident earlier on in her career.

“I think when you are a woman and you’re in the public eye all the time, if you’re not careful you can become less confident because you’re being constantly scrutinized,” said the Rap icon. “I just don’t think it’s natural. It’s not natural for a human being to just always feel like everyone’s critiquing them.”

“When I first came into the industry, I had this amazing sense of freedom because nobody gave a sh*t about what I was doing,” Minaj continued. “And then it goes from that to the complete, complete opposite. Where it’s like, if I blink my eye wrong, they’ll have a story made up about why I blinked my eye that way.”

Minaj also added that in order to maintain peace, she doesn’t check on social media or she removes apps from her phone, altogether. Of course, the superstar emcee is also basking in the glow of motherhood and boasted about how spending time with her son also grounds her in a career of chaos. If you haven’t already, check out Nicki Minaj on Carpool Karaoke below.