Top 10 Kannywood Actresses In 2022

Top 10 Kannywood Actresses In 2022

From This Article You Will Know More About Top 10 Kannywood Actresses In 2022, Best Kannywood Actresses In 2022, Net Worth Of Kannywood Actresses In 2022.

Are You Looking For The Kannywood Actresses Net Worth 2022?. Of Course, The Year Has Changed, Likewise The Wealth Of The Many Has I ncreased While Others Decreased.

In This Article, We Bring You The Top 10 Kannywood Actresses In 2022. Moreover, All The Actresses Are Popular.

List Of The Richest Kannywood Actresses In 2022
1. Rahama Sadau
2. Hafsat Idris
3. Nafisat Abdullahi
4. Maryam Booth
5. Hadiza Gabon
6. Maryam Waziri
7. Halima Atete
8. Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya
9. Fati Washa
10. Mome Gombe

Here I s The List I n The Details…

Momme Gombe

Maimuna Abubakar, But Popularly Known As Momme Gombe. She I s One Of The Noble Women In Kannywood Industry. Moreover, Momme Gombe I s The 10th Of The Richest Kannywood Actresses In 2022.
Momme Gombe Net Worth
Bese On 360Hausa, Momme Gombe Has $12,000 Which I s About 5 Millions In Nigerian

Fati Washa

She Is One Of The Most Beautiful Women I n Kannywood. Moreover, Fati Washa Is Popular Kannywood.

Fati Washa Net Worth
Base On 360Hausa Research, Fati Washa Has $17,000, Which Is About 7 Million Naira In
Nigerian Currency.

Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya

She Is Part Of The Kannywood Actresses With A High Level. Moreover, She Is Popular, Beautiful And Humble. Moreover, Aisha Tsamiya Is 25 Years Old.

Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya Net Worth
After Research From various Blogs, The 360Hausa Site Concluded. Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya Has About $23,000 Which Is 12 Million I n Nigerian Money.

Halima Atete

She Is The Seventh Among The Richest Kannywood Actresses. And Also, She Is Part Of The Popular Kannywood Actresses.

Halima Atete Net Worth
According To Research From Blogs, 360Hausa Understands. Halima Atete Networth I s $36,000 Which Is 15 Million Naira.

Maryam Waziri

The Stunning Actress Maryam Waziri, Popularly Known As Layla In Labarina Series. Furthermore, She Is Part Of The Most Popular Kannywood Actresses Recently. But Later Married To A Football Player.

Maryam Waziri Net Worth

Lastly, She Has About $41,000 Dollars. Which I s 17 Million I n Nigerian Currency.

Hadiza Gabon

Hadiza Was A Gabonnese. She’s Part Of The Popular, Beautiful And Richest Kannywood Actresses. Hadiza Appeared I n Many Movies. Some Of Her Popular Movies Are; Ali Yaga Ali, Basaja, Gidan Badamasi And Others.

Hadiza Gabon Net Worth
Base On 360 Hausa Research, Her Net Worth Is $55,000. Which Is About 23 Million I n Nigerian

Maryam Booth

She Is Part Of The Nollywood Actresses And Also Popular In Kannywood Industry. Her Mother Late Zainab Booth Was A Popular Actress, Which Later Died.

Maryam Booth Net Worth
According To Research From 360Hausa. Maryam Booth Has An Estimate Of $185,000 Dollars.
Which Is 77 Million In Nigerian Currency.

Nafisat Abdullahi

She Is Popular, Expert In The Industry. Moreover, Nafisat Abdullahi Has Won Many Awards.
Nafisa Has Been I n Kannywood I ndustry For About 15+ Years But Not Married Yet.

Nafisat Abdullahi Net Worth
The Actress Has A Net Worth Of $275,000 Dollars. Which Is About 120 Million I n Nigerian Currency.

Hafsat Idris

She’s The Second to The Top Richest In Kannywood Actresses. And Also, Hafsat Idris
Popularly Known As Barauniya. Moreover, The Actress Has Three Children, Two Females And
A Single Boy. Her Net Worth is about $1.2 Million Dollars.

Rahama Sadau

She Is The Queen Of Kannywood. And Also, She Is Not Only Acting In Kannywood, She Acts
Both In Kannywood, Hollywood And Nollywood Industries. Moreover, Rahama Sadau Is the only actress in africa to acts in these 3 different industries.

Rahama Sadau Net Worth
Rahama Sadau Has More Than $3 Million Dollars. Which Is About 1.2 Billion In Nigerian Currency.

In Conclusion, These Are Kannywood Actresses Net Worth 2022, it is good to know this article is updated regularly to make it more relevant.

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