Unlocking Nigeria’s Potential: How the 4Ds Can Boost Foreign Relations

Unlocking Nigeria’s Potential: How the 4Ds Can Boost Foreign Relations.

Following the recent launch of  Nigeria’s  new Foreign Policy objectives anchored on 4Ds (  Democracy, Development, Demography and Diaspora) by the Bola Tinubu administration, a Nigerian expert in international relations has advised the  government to be very intentional in meeting the nation’s foreign interest.

International Constitutional law expert, Livingstone Wechie told LEADERSHIP Sunday, that the 4Ds should reflect a total transformation in Nigeria’s domestic life by rebuilding its corrupt public life and democracy to adopt a people-oriented governance model if Nigeria must be taken seriously by the rest of the world.

He said that generally speaking, Nigeria may have enjoyed stable civilian government, but yet to attain a people -oriented governance model which is now christened as democracy.  He also expressed concerns over the high level of corruption in public life as well as the deplorable level of poverty in the country as serious impediments to attaining Nigeria’s foreign policy goals.

He said “The growing cases of impunity, malfeasance among public officials and institutions calls for serious caution because they present the country as a huge joke and a laughing stock in the comity of nations. We cannot pretend about the teeth-gnashing hunger in the land and the almost unaffordable cost of living in Nigeria.

“The question will be what foreign policy objective Nigeria will project if her citizens can barely survive with a sixty seven percent population in multidimensional poverty.”

He said further that democracy must not remain an advertisement but practically active particularly with the justice system, stressing that the foundation of any genuine democracy are people-centric institutions, legitimate access to justice and timeous delivery of same without fear.

He warned that the high profile cases of corruption in the country portray Nigeria in bad light before the international community.

“The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission ICPC report indictments of judicial officers and lawyers of bribery and corruption portrays Nigeria as an unserious country.

“Therefore the democracy drive in our foreign policy metrics must be holistic to project a workable African governance model particularly in the face of growing cases of coup d’états and unpopular regimes. It is instructive to note that Nigeria’s foreign policy dream will be judged by institutional realities on ground,” he said.

Wechie said the issue of development is crucial in Nigeria’s foreign policy framework. He noted that Nigeria should take the driver’s seat in realizing Africa’s integration to enforce actionable programmes for a regional currency in continental and global trade.

“The way to strengthen Africa’s economy and indeed Nigeria is to push for a currency that is used for African Markets and international transactions. There is a need for an equal global financial relationship devoid of unfair and punitive rules that undermine Africa’s development efforts.

“Nigeria and indeed Africa must repent from the aid-centered economy to pave the way for an effective and competitive economic recovery plan. Nigeria should lead Africa in the campaign to renegotiate interest on loans and debts for lasting development.

“Nigeria should demand the immediate reforms of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with a view to cut off their negative energy against the development of the global south or seek an alternative.

“Nigeria must exercise and prove control of insecurity that has beset sustainable development. Insecurity not only impedes education when it shuts down schools, keeps children and teachers home, it also portends a longer term danger to the quality of labour force and human capital needed to drive a sustainable economy,” he added.



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