Who Ice Spice is Secretly Dating?

Who Ice Spice is Secretly Dating?

Ice Spice Tells Fans She’s Dating Somebody, But Won’t Say Who. So Who Ice Spice is Secretly Dating? Spice revealed she’s dating someone, but won’t say who it is.

Ice Spice is having an incredible breakout 2023. Her meteoric rise to fame has resulted in 4 top 10 hits in 2023 alone and some major collaborations with the likes of Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift. She has a new song with Nigerian singer Rema dropping tonight and she will take the stage on Saturday Night Live this weekend. That means various publications have taken the opportunity to sit down with the rapper and figure out what she’s all about.

The most recent was the Los Angeles Times. which did a feature on the rapper packed full of new information about her life and work. But it was one detail that everyone honed in on pretty much immediately. In the piece, Ice Spice reveals that she’s actually dating someone, which came as news to even her most die-hard fans. But they missed out on the big reveal as Spice declined to comment on who exactly it is that she’s dating. She says she’s keeping it a secret “to keep their focus on what I’m here for, which is music.” Check out the full story below.

Ice Spice Staying Quiet About Who She’s Dating

In another recent interview with Variety, Ice Spice arguably gave up even more information on her personal life. She updated fans on where she stands with The 1975 singer Matty Healy, who was part of an insulting podcast bit earlier this year about her. After he apologized to her in person the two are reportedly good now.

In the clip, she also refuted the allegations of being an industry plant. While she admitted that they bothered her at first, she’s now over it. She also explained that other female rappers can be hard to confide in as they act very differently behind the scenes than they do in public. What do you think of Ice Spice refusing to reveal who the person she’s dating is? Let us know in the comment section below.


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