Yung Bleu’s Wife Accuses Him Of Cheating

Another woman claimed that she ditched her fling with the rapper because he was a “weirdo.”

Yung Bleu’s Wife Accuses Him Of Cheating

Yung Bleu’s Wife Accuses Him Of Cheating. On top of his brewing beef with Boosie Badazz, now Yung Bleu has to deal with some problems and accusations at home according to AllHipHop. Moreover, his wife Tiemeria recently accused him of flying another woman out and cheating on her, and claimed she kicked him out of her house. Specifically, these accusations come after the alleged woman in question posted some videos on TikTok addressing the situation, with the username Tenom. In them, she maintained that the 29-year-old reached out to her after seeing a video of her showing off her shockingly long tongue. However, Tenom said that she left Bleu in the dust after discovering that he was a “weirdo.”

Furthermore, she stated that Yung Bleu brought her on a private jet but never spoke to her during their travels. After landing, Tenom continued, they got into a car with five other guys, but still didn’t get any introductions or speaking time with anyone. Clearly, she went on, she was just a “groupie,” and she posted receipts, like an alleged video of the Alabama artist on the jet with her, as evidence in the videos.

Yung Bleu’s Cheating Accusations

Once this started to make social media rounds, Tiemeria took to her Instagram to respond to these allegations. Now, she seeks a divorce, and told how Yung Bleu allegedly ran out of the house when she confronted him but continued to text her denials of the accusations. Most importantly, though, Tiemeria said that she fully believes Tenom’s story. Sometimes in these cases, the couple holds out a little longer, but this time, it seems like things went sour from the jump.

“This b***h is not lying on you at all,” she expressed. “She got so many motherf***in’ receipts. I hope Boosie come get your motherf***in’ a**. He ain’t got no car keys he ain’t got no house keys, he can’t get in this motherf***er. So, he going to be outside tonight unless one of you b***hes come get him.” “I need the best divorce lawyer in Georgia,” Tiemeria said in another post. For more news and the latest updates on Yung Bleu, stick around on 360Hausa.

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