Mia Khalifa Criticizes Kylie Jenner for Supporting Israel

Mia Khalifa Criticizes Kylie Jenner for Supporting Israel

Kylie Jenner Deletes Post Supporting Israel, sparking outrage online. Mia Khalifa Criticizes Kylie Jenner for Supporting Israel. Mia Khalifa Calls on Journalists to Hold Kylie Jenner Accountable for Supporting Israel.

Kylie Jenner has deleted an Instagram post in which she expressed support for Israel. The post, which showed the Israeli flag and read “Now and always, we stand with the people of Israel!”, came after the resumption of hostilities in the nation. An incursion by Hamas, a Palestinian militant organization, was met with a declaration of war by Israel. Both sides have accused the other of civilian atrocities as the death toll has already surpassed 1100. The Gaza Strip is the smaller of the two enclaves that form Palestine and has been under Israeli military occupation since the 1960s. Western nations have largely fallen in behind Israel. Meanwhile, nations such as Iran, and other organizations such as Hezbollah have praised Hamas.

Jenner’s post-and-delete was called out by Mia Khalifa, the Lebanese activist and former adult actress. However, Khalifa also took aim at media outlets that will in all likelihood not press Jenner on the decision. “If true journalism exists, the next person to talk to Kylie Jenner will ask for her opinion on geopolitical tensions in the Middle East and not break eye contact until she can string one coherent sentence together since she wants to take a stance to her 400M followers so badly,” Khalifa wrote on X.

Death Toll Rises In Israel And Palestine

At the time of writing, Israel has refused to release an official death toll of the Hamas attacks that sparked the latest war between the two sides. However, officials have claimed the number could be as high as 700. Meanwhile, Palestinian officials claim that Gaza has been officially blockaded by Israel. Furthermore, officials have said that Israel’s promise of “mighty vengeance” that will be “felt for generations” is a thinly veiled excuse to directly attack Palestinian civilians. Palestinian casualties are also believed to be in the hundreds as Israel bombed houses, road infrastructure, and mosques. At least 78 Palestinian children are believed to be among the nearly 500 dead.

However, questions have been raised as to why the Hamas attack was so successful. The Israeli military was seemingly caught off-guard almost 50 years to the day after Israel was hit with a surprise attack from Egypt and Syria in the Yom Kippur War. Anti-Palestinian security measures have been a pillar of Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing government. However, Hamas forces were able to enter Israel and attack settlements at will in the initial attack this week. The ongoing conflict.



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