MUSIC: Smino – Matinee

MUSIC: Smino - Matinee

New Song By Smino – Matinee Mp3 Download.

Smino has built a career out of marching to the beat of his own drummer, and his newest single follows this road-less-travelled mentality. “Matinee” finds Smino at his most multifarious; the St. Louis rapper bounces between flows, pitches, and sounds with ease.

“Matinee” begins with falsetto crooning from Smino over shimmering electric piano and a distant, looped chant. Smino talks of late nights and passionate love: “I been drinkin’ all night / And I’m smokin’ all right / St. Louis to Shanghai / St. Lucia, can’t lose, we loose, we Goose’d up, baby / My baby do it like she tryna pay her rent,” he sings.

The song ends with an abrupt tonal shift, with a booming kick and a call and response. It’s the type of unpredictability you can predict from Smino. Check out the song below.

Quotable Lyrics

I wanna hone it, I wanna bone, damn
Pray somebody tell her I’m a grown man
I romanced her, I enhanced her
Diamonds dance in the Tesla, “Electric Slide,” get it?



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