Suns Roasted After Losing To Australian League Team

Suns Roasted After Losing To Australian League Team

Suns Roasted After Losing To Australian League Team.

Over the course of the last few months, the Phoenix Suns have been the subject of ridicule on the internet. Some fans don’t seem to be fond of Devin Booker anymore, and there appears to be some sort of agenda against Chris Paul. Either way, the Suns became public enemy number one after falling to the Dallas Mavericks last season, and coming into this year, fans are praying for their downfall.

A perfect example of this came last night as the Suns lost to the Adelaide 36ers of the NBL. This Australian team is middle of the road in their own league, however, they were still able to beat the Suns by 10 points. It was an impressive win for the 36ers, albeit an embarrassing defeat for the Suns.

After the game, fans were quick to take to Twitter with some slander for this Suns team. An NBA team has not lost to an international club team since back in 2016, which makes this an incredibly rare L. For a team that should contend for a title this year, the Suns’ performance was simply unacceptable, even if it is preseason.

Based on all of the tweets below, it is clear that fans were basking in this L, and they are hoping for the trend to continue well into next year.

The Suns will have a lot to think about moving forward, and this should serve as motivation for the rest of the year.


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