ARTICLE: Management and it’s problems In The Northern Music Industry

Management and managers of music

This Article will help the reader to understand what management is, who is a manager, what are qualities of Good manager, problems of managers, and what are the solution to that problems.

The term management is usually about leading, guiding and directing an individual, a group, a skill or a project into success. Success being the main goal to almost every endeavor.

Looking at the current situation in the Music industry, especially in the North, one can’t help but wonder if many promising talents got the right management, if we have managers at all. On the course of writing this article, I came across a bunch of wasted talents due to their manager’s incompetence, greed, laziness to mention a few. A few managers have done great in uplifting careers, credits have to be given where it is due, but believe me, over 75% of them prove to be a failure. The question is, why is that?

Going by statements from Dean Halloway, he said and I quote “Management is not an easy task, only the dedicative minds can effectively pull it off”

That mean, whenever you accept to manage an artist, you should be dedicated to their development 110%. No excuses, always be their for them and the project at hand, be ready to sacrifice a lot of time, be it at recordings, writing, promos, performances and so on. Unfortunately, only a few can say they are ready for this. Even with that, doing is always harder than saying.

Competence plays a bigger role. Many of those managers does not even have the smallest clue on what it is all about. Some cant manage themselves talk more of managing an artist. I suggest that we do research, get knowledge on it, read more and practice with dedication. Be up to date with events around, be more current.

The most important factor in everything today is money. As a manager to an up comer, both of you have to spend. Unfortunately, we want money early before doing the needed hustle. Artists hear things like 50-50, when the manager spent nothing on his production or even costume. Why not wait until the project grow before you start diving for into it.

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