Cardi B Says Offset Will Sue Troll Who Accused Him Of Cheating

Offset Plans On Taking Legal Action

Cardi B Says Offset Will Sue Troll Who Accused Him Of Cheating

Cardi B Says Offset Will Sue Troll Who Accused Him Of Cheating. People have gone too far in their attempt to troll Cardi B and Offset’s relationship and it seems like a lawsuit will be filed soon. It’s no secret that the superstar couple have faced their fair share of hardships in their relationship. Allegations of infidelity have circulated over the years. Still, Offset and Cardi B have undoubtedly worked towards maintaining a healthy relationship. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that they’re immune to the rumors. Over the weekend, a Twitter account claimed they had evidence of Offset cheating on Cardi B.

The account, which seems to be a Nicki Minaj fan page, tweeted out an audio clip that was intended to sound like ‘Set trying to hook up with a woman that isn’t Cardi B. Then, there was an image of the rapper allegedly in the midst of hooking up with this woman. Cardi later debunked the theory entirely, claiming that the voice note sounded like a poor AI job and the man in the picture didn’t have the same build or hairstyle as Offset.

Offset Plans On Taking Legal Action

At this point, Cardi B and Offset appear to be willing to make an example out of people who are trying to play with their relationship. “So you guys are going to receive a letter from his lawyer,” she stated. “Because all these little games that you guys want to play online, it’s going to be over with… You’re going to be getting sued, and we’re going to make an example out of you. Yeah, and, that was a terrible AI voice, by the way, so yeah, bye.”

The voice note was later deleted but it seems like Cardi B and Offset already had their lawyers on the job. The user later doubled down on their accusations against Offset while a copyright claim was filed against the clip. “Cardi just copyrighted my tweet,” the User wrote. Btch you mad at me when you need to be mad at the n**a that’s CHEATING ON YOU!!.” Check out Cardi’s voice note above.

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