Drake Gets Into Heated Argument with Fan After Concert

Drake Defends Female Fan in Heated Confrontation with Male Fan

Drake Gets Into Heated Argument with Fan After Concert

Drake Gets Into Heated Argument with Fan After Concert. Drake Witnesses Fan Tussle Over His Towel, Steps In to Break It Up.

The Drake and 21 “It’s All A Blur” tour can only do so much to prevent jerks from attending, but it hadn’t been a big problem for the artists until today. Moreover, a video is going viral online of Drake confronting a fan in the stands, seemingly shortly after his performance wrapped up since the lights are one. As he walks below a lot of cheering fans, the Canadian superstar threw his towel in the crowd. Apparently, from what commenters gathered and lip-read, a man caught the towel that was meant for a group of girls. The two started fighting over it, and Drizzy wasn’t at all happy with what he saw.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that this isn’t the true reason for the heated moment, but any theory won’t change his reaction. Drake stopped, said something to the fan, and apparently went back and forth with them for a little bit. At one point, the 36-year-old walks up very close to where the stands in the crowd are, much to the worry and dismay of his security team. Eventually, they ushered him away, and fans who didn’t know any better just kept cheering.

Multiple Vids Of Drake Altercation With Fan

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Furthermore, this is one of the more negative fan interactions that either Drake or 21 have had with fans at shows. It’s a shame because the energy is always mutually high for the most part, whether they’re excited to perform or we’re excited to watch. Previously, they had accepted hugs from fans who ran up to them and pointed out people in the crowd to give a special moment to. It looks like Drake is the kind of artist that takes his towel throws seriously, so if you go to a tour show, be warned.

Meanwhile, the OVO mogul had also clowned fans before, but never did he actually take it to the next level. Maybe we will hear the other side of the story one of these days on social media, or the 6 God will share something on his end. Either way, we’re sure that this won’t be the last wild fan interaction on tour. For more news and the latest updates on Drake, stick around on 360Hausa.


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